Testing out the new Training tool…

8 Nov

I picked up my second little .22lr pistol, a Ruger SR22 for the use of my students in the live fire training. Took it out to the range to test fire and make sure it is a reliable and accurate handgun for class. The trigger pull in double action is around 8-11 pounds, which could be a little difficult for new trigger fingers, but the hammer can be cocked, putting it in single action mode, which is a light 4-6 pounds. Both the safety and the Magazine release are ambidextrous, which is nice for me, a lefty, to demonstrate to most of my righty students…LOL! The rubberized grip is very comfortable to hold, and I also liked the many safety features, since I am using it for an introduction to shooting.  Every little bit of safety helps! 🙂

Test fire of the Ruger SR22

I strongly recommend my new students who have never handled a firearm, are intimidated by the recoil, or lack the hand strength to manipulate a larger caliber pistol, to begin their journey into the world of firearms with a little .22lr pistol. This little handgun is comfortable, easy to handle, non-intimidating and a great introduction to the shooting sport.

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