31 Jul

You gotta love some reactions to finding out a woman has a CCW, or goes shooting, or may even be legally carrying a firearm. One of my favorites…”Ooohh, you don’t wanna make HER mad!!” (usually said in jest, I realize, but it does feed the whole “gun owners are unstable” viewpoint.)

Actually, you can make me as mad as you want. Call me names, tell me I am stupid, cut me off in traffic, crowd in front of me at the checkout line, contemptibly criticize my religious or political beliefs, or whatever other rude or offensive behavior you might be capable of. Honestly, I am a pretty laid back person. I have my emotional triggers, but I keep them under strict control (yep, I liked the pun ;). Really, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Owning or carrying a firearm is not a license to be an emotional geyser ready to erupt and pull your weapon ‘cuz someone dared to inconvenience you, or ticked you off; it’s not an excuse to be a bully, knowing you could ‘take care of the situation’ if it got out of hand, and it’s certainly not ‘cool’ to strap on a gun. A firearm is simply one of many safety devices designed to protect the owner from death or grave bodily harm from an asocial or out of control psychopath. And you never know when you may have the pleasure of meeting one, as they don’t exactly wear a tattoo on their foreheads. (Well, some of them might…)

“We don’t live in the Wild West any more, so there’s no need, in a civilized society to carry a gun.” Really? Read the news much? How many people do you suppose received a memo the morning of their violent encounter warning them that their life is going to be drastically transformed this day? Go check out this story; Violent Home Invasion . It’s a sad story that, thankfully could have ended up with a much worse ending. Tell me…how did they arrive at their new perspective on gun ownership? Think about it, do you only put up a smoke detector if you are expecting a fire? Do you  know that you are about 3 times as likely to be the victim of a crime than you are to have your house burn down? Logic reveals that many details in life benefit from planning or preparing ahead of time, and your life or the lives of loved ones are the greatest benefactors of that preparation.

So really? As long as you don’t kick in my front door at 2:00 in the morning, causing me to fear for my life, you have nothing to worry about. Oh, and if I come around a corner and see you trying to rape my daughter, or kill my son, be afraid. Be very afraid…

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