Foundations of Firearm Safety Course is now open to the fellas!

4 Mar

After many questions, (“WHY don’t you teach men these things? They need to know this stuff, too!!!”  “WHEN are you going to start teaching men?”) some urging and finally officialy dipping my toe into the idea of having the fellas join us for these classes, I decided to give it a go! 🙂

Now remember, this course is a ‘foundations‘ course. Not the type of setting for ‘tacticool rambo-esque’ types who have “been ’round guns all mah life!” 😉 😀

Here’s the deal. Simply owning a gun does not make one safe. Knowing how to operate the firearm safely, how to keep it out of the hands of unauthorized individuals, learning when you have a right to use it in a defensive situation, and how to use it effectively to stop a threat are essential requirements to keeping you and your family safe, both during an encounter with a criminal, and in the legal aftermath.

Many of those who purchase their first gun, or apply for their concealed carry permits have no idea what they don’t know, and this has led to an unfortunate number of (sometimes deadly) negligent discharges, or expensive legal fees, or even prison sentences for a gun owner with a clean criminal history who thought they could just ‘shoot a bad guy’. There are very specific and narrow allowances for the use of deadly force, and if you fall outside those parameters, life gets very complicated, very fast.

Please, gain the knowledge, then share the knowledge.

Hope to see you in class!! 😀

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