Follow-up to a Follow-up…;)

26 Feb

A few weeks ago I wrote a follow-up to the story about the 80 year old gentleman, Thomas Greer, who shot the “pregnant” robber.

In the followup commentary, I noted how, according to the statements he gave to the media in their interview of him following the robbery, I marveled at the fact that the prosecutor decided not to press charges. In the feisty comments he gave to the press after his violent encounter, he declared that he shot the female robber as she ran away, then fell down and was pleading for her “baby’s” life. He seemed almost proud of the fact that as she was pleading, he ‘shot her anyway’.

Whether his comments were befuddled or bravado, the evidence apparently did not match his story.  According to the forensic analysis, three shots were fired by Mr. Greer, with the female robber being hit twice, once in the right knee, and once in the left side of the chest. There were no shots in her back. Additionally, the shooting was inside the house, not outside like Mr. Greer stated. The female was able to flee outside after being shot, where she died.

In this case, it was a very good thing that Mr. Greer was not tried according to his unwise testimony to the reporter, or after his physical recovery, he would be challenged legally and most likely had to give up his freedom as well. It’s also a good thing that the prosecutor had a level head and didn’t just use his impulsive storytelling against him as “evidence” in a court of law.

What can we learn here? It is never a good idea to talk to the media if you are involved in a self defense situation. I can easily imagine that if Mr. Greer had been middle aged instead of an elderly (and injured) man talking like that, this story very well could have been tried in the media with the appropriate community outrage that the poor ‘pregnant’ lady was gunned down in cold blood by a gun nut!!  *cough*  The other lesson should be the confidence that the legal system does generally work. Mr Greer’s initial testimony to LE and/or the investigators matched the forensic evidence, and the self defense requirements were clearly met and legally satisfied. An appropriate ending to this complicated story.



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