Education is never wasted…

31 Jul

Even after training, some women are not comfortable with carrying a handgun for personal protection–that’s OKAY!

Here is an excellent letter I received from a student..
Dear Monica,

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the class I took from you on Concealed Carry tremendously. After processing all the information I have decided that I simply could not afford to shoot anyone so I won’t be going any further with it. I do enjoy shooting however and will no doubt do this under the guidance of my hubby who was a range instructor in the past and is very conscious of gun safety. 

I’m sure this all sounds very lame but I think it’s the way the good Lord has directed me to go. My husband is licensed to carry and I am encouraging him to carry all the time now. He is retired so we will be spending a lot more time together as well. If a range ever comes available or is set up around here we would like to know about it.

Thank you again for all your time and effort in this area. It was very, very helpful and I have recommended it to others and most likely will do so again. God bless you and your family! I hope that you will never have to shoot anyone.

I’m so glad she took the time to write and share her thoughtful journey with me!

Do not feel bad if after exploring the pros and cons, the cons are more than you are willing to bear…and never let anyone pressure you into doing something you are not entirely comfortable with–like carrying a handgun for personal protection.

Education is never wasted.

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  1. I’m trying to help my wife become more comfortable with carrying a handgun. I really liked this post, especially since my wife has also been a little hesitant to carry a gun, even after all the efforts we have already made. I agree though that education is never wasted. Thanks for posting this.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Kyler, I understand how you feel, and I have had many fellas tell me they have been trying convince a female in their lives on the importance of self defense. I’ve even had a few students whose husband/boyfriend ‘made’ them take my Firearms Safety Course! (Fortunately, by the end of the day, they are glad they came, it’s a fun day! 🙂 However, each individual may have to grapple with fears, negative past experiences, insecurities, a biased media message and/or personal resolves before starting their firearms journey. And, ultimately, it’s just not a journey everyone in interested in…
      Have a great day!
      Monica Cowles

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