Monica Cowles began her interest in Firearm safety in 2011 when she took her first basic handgun course. She was deeply impacted by how un-intuitive it is to handle a firearm safely, and how every single tragic firearm ‘accident’ in the news is a direct result of this lack of understanding. Additionally, there are many unfortunate individuals who are in prison or have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees because they were unaware of the legal ramifications and restrictions on using lethal force. Because of these concerns she has committed herself to teaching safe firearm disciplines and laws to as many as possible.

Her interests also include Crime Prevention, (who hasn’t heard of a family member, friend or neighbor who has been the unfortunate victim of a crime?) so she added the award winning seminar developed by the National Rifle Association, “Refuse To Be A Victim” to her available classes in 2014.

Monica’s Firearm education;

  • NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation (2011)
  • LT. COL. Dave Grossman’s “BulletProof Mind” Seminar (DVD)
  • NRA Basic Pistol Course (2012)
  • NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course (2013)
  • NRA Basics (and advanced) Personal Protection Outside the Home Course (2013)
  • NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor Training Course (2014)
  • American Firearms Training “Introduction to Pistol Safety” (2014)
  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Certification (2014)
  • NRA Range Safety Officer (2014)
  • The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc.: Defensive Handgun (2014)
  • Concealed Carry University’s “The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense” (DVD)
  • “The Law of Self Defense” (Webinar)
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (2015)
  • NRA Club Leadership and Development Course (2016)
  • The Law of Self Defense Instructor Program (2016)
  • Insights Training Center: General Defensive Handgun (2016)
  • USCCA Instructors Certification Training Course (2017)

Recommended Reading

Cornered Cat–Kathy Jackson

Safe, Not Sorry–Tanya K. Metaksa

Thank God I Had a Gun–Chris Bird

The Best Defense–Robert A. Waters

Personal Defense for Women, Concealed Carry for Women–Gila Hayes

The Gift of Fear–Gavin De Becker

Principles of Personal Defense–Jeff Cooper

In the Gravest Extreme, Gun Proof Your Children, Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry, The Ayoob Files, Deadly Force-Understanding Your Right to Self Defense–Massad Ayoob

The Well Armed Woman’s Concise Guide to Concealed Carry–Carrie Lightfoot

Armed and Female–Paxton Quigley

Facing Violence–Rory Miller

Scaling Force–Rory Miller and Lawrence Kane

The Law of Self Defense–Andrew Branca

In the Name of Self Defense, Beyond the Picket Fence–Marc MacYoung

On Killing–Dave Grossman

Creepology–Anna Valdiserri

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  1. Any women who’s vertical and breathing should take the Women’s Firearm Safety Course. This is a no-nonsense, heads up class. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed but professional. The course is worth every penny.

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