A shy student…

19 Aug

I learned recently that Northwest School of Safety offers exclusive, one-on-one private instruction!! 🙂 This happens when only one student arrives for class…summer classes have been an interesting challenge…I may have to rethink summer classes next year…

Oh well, we still had a great day, even though as soon as she spotted the camera, she informed me that she was extremely camera shy! First student to refuse to let me take her photograph. Fortunately, she and I was proud of her shooting, so I promised I wouldn’t show her face if I could still take her picture…she relented. 😀

Student of the Women's Firearm Safety Course

There is only one last class available this summer at the $95.00 fee! Hurry and get in before it goes up to $115.00! You can register on the “calendar” link above.

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